* 45 YEARS of Marine Refrigeration Experience SINCE 1968!
* COOLBLUE uses 1/2 the power as other 12v Systems
* 24AH/Day for a 7
cubic foot fridge/freezer with R-30
Offers the only 5-year warranty due to the robust design
No refrigeration technician or experience needed
* Stainless
steel holding plate resists corrosion and leaks
* No water cooling needed even at ambient temps of 120F

* COOLBLUE systems are pre-charged, pretested and built         in Escondido, California

CoolBlue Holding Plate vs. Evaporator Systems
Evaporator Systems
Water Cooling Not needed, even at 120 ° F (50 ° C) Required at temperatures over 90 ° F (32 ° C)

Alternate Cooling Air

Not needed

Power consumption in a 7 cubic foot
 R-30 box
24 amp hours/day 48 amp hours/day
Freezer capacity in a 7 cubic footbox 1/3 freezer,
2/3 refrigerator
120 pounds of frozen food
12 pounds of frozen food
Distance from compressor to box

2-50 foot
customized per order

9 foot only
Plate Construction Stainless Steel
Aluminum, thin & easily punctured, susceptible to corrosion
Serviceability Site glass and service ports provided, serviceable by owner No service ports provided, only serviceable by refrigeration technician

7 day a week Techical and Customer support at:
 Phone: 619-609-3432
Email: Info@technauticsInc.com
Skype: CruiseROWater

COOLBLUE holding plate refrigeration systems are as reliable as your land based 120v kitchen refrigerator, while using half the daily amps of other 12v refrigeration systems.  Utilizing the latest technology in variable speed compressor design, low amp 12v fan, over sized condensing coil, and holding plate with preset expansion valve. COOLBLUE operates simply and efficiently, eliminating the complexity and excess power associated with water-cooled systems.  While other 12v systems require water cooling at temperatures above 90F, COOLBLUE operates at ambient temperatures up to 120F without a loss in system efficiency.  All Technautics modular refrigeration systems are built, pre-charged with 134a refrigerant, and pre-tested prior to shipping and are cruiser installable and serviceable without any special tools, gauges or refrigeration experience.

A Complete COOLBLUE Refrigeration systems Includes the following:
  • Fin/Tube holding plate with preset expansion valve custom configured to fit your box
  • Holding plate mounting brackets
  • DC condensing compressor unit operating on 12v/24v/36v/48v
  • 12ft copper tube sets with Aeroquip self-sealing connector ends (custom sizes available upon request)
  • Thermostat with mounting bracket
  • The ONLY 5 Year Warranty in the Marine Refrigeration Business with 7 Day a week Customer Service

7 day a week Techical and Customer support at:
 Phone: 619-609-3432
Email: Info@technauticsInc.com
Skype: CruiseROWater
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